Welcome to the Real Estate Zoo


Welcome to the brand new TREZ blog and website. We’ll be up and running with a full head of steam shortly, stay tuned!! TREZ started life as a site for real estate information pointed towards the consumer participant. It soon became apparent focusing on the industry professionals would be a better option, hence the reboot.

In the real estate world, there is a plethora of sources to learn the nuts and bolts of this business. How to fill out listing contracts, what to do in the event of this or that. Prospecting, getting the listing, ad Infinium. There are people who charge thousands of dollars to teach the sales process basics, mainly amounting to nothing more than fill-in the blanks training and coaching. (sic)

All of which appears to me, to be putting the cart before the horse. You do all this stuff and still lack the necessary and appropriate skills for dealing with people. Yes, that ever variable commodity “people knowledge”. Without that everything else is academic!

Branding is absolutely the first step in implementing a successful people knowledge effort. TREZ is going to put the training wheels on your career! Square one, sign into the “Take 5” page on this website. Hook up with all the info provided.

My goal and aspiration right now is to become a powerful one-stop resource with effective and life changing training, materials, resources, classes and programs dedicated to help you MAKE it, with practical, easy, doable steps. I trust we share these goals.

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