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ken background outKen Miller aka Mister Kenny… my mission is to facilitate the transition of real estate sales agents to growth as real estate counselors.

Here at the Real Estate Zoo’s real estate agent’s branding home, we are completely dedicated to providing our agents with exceptional and insightful real estate business services. Newbie or long in experience agents alike, will appreciate the uncompromising dedication to professional real estate business counseling and direction. You may like to know something about this person you will be working so closely with that is handling your real estate challenges.

My business philosophy is really very simple, “It’s not my job to sell you anything!”  My stock in trade is to provide information that enables you to make the best possible decisions for you and your family’s future. Provide the expertise and experience I have gained over the past decade in this business called real estate. Real world real estate solutions, tempered with a lifetime of business experience.

Are you ready for a new perspective? Tired of the same ole same ole from seminars and training subjects?

ken and cameraThat’s not what you’ll find here with Ken’s workshop/seminar programs. I guarantee a thought provoking, enlightened, perspective you’ve never heard!

Ken Miller aka Mister Kenny is an entertaining and dynamic speaker and seminar leader. Available dates as early as June 2016 are open for booking and reservations. There will be information packed content for establishing your personal real estate brand. Why do you need to establish your brand? How to establish your brand and start getting business to come to you? This and a whole lot more success-laden content for your immediate implementation.

Personal branding for the real estate agent has always been the unsung critical component of every successful agent. Not any longer, as Mister Kenny highlights and spotlights this demanding component that will continue to grow in importance as digital technology continues its onslaught for the market domination of home buyers and sellers within the real estate industry.

Contact Mister Kenny today for more details. That annoying little tab that pops up on every page is there for this purpose. Also, perhaps I should change the background color to orange?  Go Vols!

You know sometimes you just want to pick up the phone and talk. Well, go ahead, right now! (615) 965-2881


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