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If you share my conviction that "knowledge is power" then by all means check out the learning materials listed on this page. I'm sure you can still hear your English teacher proclaiming with all thimages-2e authority of the Czar of all things, "Readers are leaders!"

Real estate is no different than many, many other industries that have been decimated by the surging change in consumer habits, mainly the Internet and all of the various manifestations therein. It's a constant quest to merely try to keep up, much less get ahead of the curve.

There are no silver bullets listed, but there are a whole lot of germane and helpful guideposts, loaded with immense benefits. Most of the books listed here I have read and can personally recommend. Additionally, I have a few titles that I highly recommend for life enhancements above and beyond career enhancements!

This weeks featured book:

How about some websites to check out!

www.kcmcrew.com - www.dakno.com - www.paradym.com

Simply click on the cover shown for a complete description, pricing, and ordering information. Available in Kindle (e-book) or printed. Some available as audio books, check the individual descriptive page.

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