Personal Branding & Professional Image Identity

RE Agent

Achieving results through personal development.

This practical and interactive professional image and personal branding workshops are designed for real estate agents who want to maximize their personal impact. Let’s face it, if you want to survive in the marketplace today, this is no longer an option. Here, you will learn tips on how to come across professionally giving an appropriate and excellent impression. This workshop is an opportunity to develop your own personal brand essence and identity taking into account your values, strengths and purpose to align yourself effectively to your personal and professional goals.

Course Objectives

Workshop attendees will learn:
  • What is professionalism?
  • The purpose of projecting a professional image
  • The importance of first impressions to be perceived as credible and professional
  • The key components of creating a positive professional image: Appearance, Behavior and Attitude.
  • Easy tips to improve your personal appearance using Psychology of Color and appropriate dress code standards.
  • Assessments for establishing the brand called you!
  • Understand, create and communicate you personal brand identity

Course Outline

This dynamic workshop will focus on three interactive modules
  • Professional Image
  • Your own Personal Brand
  • Communicating & Presenting yourself with confidence

The fact is that the role of the real estate agents and their job in the transaction has forever changed. It’s time to start finding out what to do about these upheavals and for that I have prepared two public presentations.

The first is my TED talk of 20 minutes more or less, and is perfect for the luncheon meeting or sales meeting itinerary. During this session we will take a look at the new reality of the real estate world and possible corrective measures that agents need to be implementing today. There is no charge for this presentation. Attendees will receive a coupon for the discounted video course or workshop/seminars detailing personal branding development. This really is a win-win!

The second is my 3-hour workshop/seminar about getting introduced to a personal branding life changing journey. The student will be walked through the changing mind-set of counselor sales vs real estate sales. Personality and attribute assessments are presented and explained in detail, that not only outlines the path forward but enlightens with revealing positive personality attributes. The benefits of this program go far beyond the confines of sales training, with a happiness quotient that zooms!

This session mirrors my e-course available on the Internet. Three hours of video presentation that can be taken at the agents convenience. (Except the live sessions are a lot more fun!)

Many times a person prefers the one on one interaction compared to the Internet. There is a charge for this session. For a limited time our introductory price is $297.00 per participant. This is the same price as the Internet version.

Includes all materials and workshop profile assessments forms.

If you would like more information, and I hope you do, please contact me 865-313-3861.  Or click on the side menu item. Your tomorrows will be glad you did!

PS: Are you an affiliate to Realtors? Consider sponsoring a short luncheon seminar at your favorite real estate office (your office?). A few bucks for the ham sandwich, but the ham at the podium is free! Take advantage of the opportunity to impress and reach out to your real estate clients.

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