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Take 5 where your branding gold mine is located. Here we will be posting our text, show notes, podcasts and video blogs.Brand Photo

I encourage you to simply “Take 5”, that’s five minutes from your day, and immerse yourself in the profitable habit and career enhancing goals of personal branding.

Information and actionable take-away ideas you’ll use right away and every day.

Take “5” is the consolidating page of personal branding information produced by TREZ. Every communication will be posted on this page, so in addition to the written word I encourage you to visit the podcast as well.

podcast logoThe Real Estate Zoo” podcast is now live on iTunes. Your iOS8 has the podcast symbol native to the app. Simply search for this title and whala! Hopefully, you will subscribe for all the weekly updates to this page. 

Now I’ll continue to make life easier, so if you have iTunes app installed, PC or MAC this link will take you directly to the iTunes TREZ  broadcast. Here’s how to access the podcast on iTunes. Click here for easy access!

For those who do not have access to iTunes, not a problem,  all podcasts will be posted at the menu above, TREZ Podcast, with an accompanying audio player as well. The top image is the most recent podcast.

Transcript of the audio is available in a PDF format. Email me with your episode request.

The Real Estate Zoo podcast is now available on Stitcher Radio. Click the logo below for access. The Stitcher app is free and may down loaded at the link.

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Two New Exciting Projects to be Released in Late 2017

I hope you’ll stay tuned in the coming  weeks, as I’m launching a number of new resources, training programs, and materials aimed at helping real estate professionals thrive and succeed at the highest level.

Coming in 2017 my new book “In The Real Estate Zoo — the Brand is YOU!”. Here is your guidepost book on the importance and the steps you need to take to ensure your success in today’s rapidly changing real estate marketplace.

Also, for anyone needing a tad more hand holding the step by step guide for your personal brand will be available on my new Udemy e-course. It looks like about a ten hour, self -paced start to finish, walk through the branding zoo. Great resource to learn on your schedule. You’ll find the book a handy companion study for the e-course.

This is a giant step forward in your sales achievement goals. You’ll learn what you need to be implementing to go from sales agent to respected counselor sales professional. There has never been a better time to advance your career. Thank you, and here’s to having critical 2017-18 new tools and approaches that will help you build the career you dream of!

Get your e-book absolutely FREE by pre-registering. Simply fill out the email tab on the side of this and on its release you will be notified for your free copy.

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